Project management

Project management represents activities of organising, planning, management and control of projects so that projects fulfil all expectations and are completed successfully.

The service includes:

  • Project monitoring and control.
  • Introducing the unified project management system.
  • Monitoring of funds used for financing of project activities.
  • Evaluation and control of meeting the time schedule of fund drawing.
  • Control of compliance of project plans with the enterprise’s strategy and priorities.
  • Control of duplicate activities and ineligible expenses.
  • Methodical and coordination assistance for management (managing changes in projects, time schedule, fulfilment of monitoring indicators, financial performance).

In this case, the coordinator of large projects and projects in the EU framework programmes is the key person who:

  • is responsible for planning, coordination and management of projects and for the consortium operation,
  • is the main contact person for the subsidy provider, submits draft projects, negotiates with financing entities, and coordinates drawing up reports for such entities,
  • administers records of output materials (total and partial ones),
  • ensures administrative and accounting agenda of projects and sharing information inside the consortium (intranet, shared disks, etc.),
  • ensures communication with third parties, project publicity, organises workshops and other project-related events.