Strategic planning and technical assistance

1Strategic planning and concepts

The service includes:

  • Organisation and management of the strategic planning process.
  • Conducting territorial/sectoral analyses.
  • Preparation of development strategies.
  • Drawing up action implementation plans.
  • Proposals of monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Proposals and introducing the project management system.

2Technical assistance in the EU programmes management

The services includes:

  • Preparation of programme documentation, methodologies, manuals, handbooks.
  • Strategic and operative evaluation of operational programmes.
  • Analytic and evaluation studies with relation to the absorption capacity of regions/beneficiaries/implementation structures from perspective of EU funds interventions.
  • Support for managing bodies of operational programmes in the sphere of preparation of calls for submitting project applications and project evaluations.
  • Process and system analyses with relation to management of operational programme implementation.

3Analyses, studies, opinions

The service includes:

  • Analyses and studies with relation to the economic and regional development.
  • Process and system analyses in public administration.
  • Expert opinions focused on support of decision-making processes.
  • Feasibility study, CBA analyses.