Do not be afraid of implementing your investment projects. You will be successful with us.

We are one of the leading companies providing subsidy consultancy. We process approximately one hundred high-quality projects annually, and thus we secure grants of several billion Czech crowns for our clients every year. By January 2015, we have secured over CZK 13 billion of subsidies for our clients, while the whole investment expense of these supported projects has been nearly CZK 30 billion.

We will take you through the whole process of obtaining subsidies. We will help you elaborate your vision of the investment project and set it so that the probability of obtaining a subsidy would be as high as possible. We will recommend you a suitable funding scheme and prepare your application, including its appendixes, in accordance with all requirements of the provider.

From our long-term experience we know that good administration of investment projects throughout their implementation is very often the most demanding part of the project cycle. Therefore, we will also stay with you after you obtain a subsidy to ensure administration of tenders and implementation of investment projects, including drawing up monitoring reports, applications for payment, and the final report on the project.

Thanks to our high-quality team and a number of experts we cooperate with, we are a reliable and stable partner for you in all services.

When drawing up projects, we put emphasis on looking for creative, sophisticated, but particularly risk-free solutions. Our target is to create a high-quality project that will not demand any radical changes and will smoothly go through all stages of possible inspections by state authorities or the European Union.

We also directly cooperate with subsidy providers in setting and evaluating subsidy programmes. We offer strategic planning and technical assistance services to them. Thanks to this we always have a perfect overview of the preparation of subsidy programmes, and we can see all issues of European and national subsidies in a broader context. We are constantly monitoring the current events.

In addition to subsidy-related services we also deal, in cooperation with our affiliated company Green Energy Investment, with energy audits and consultancy in the sphere of energy projects.

We also have a unique overview thanks to membership of Association for european fund (APEF).


We have been a member of Czech Infrastructure Association (ARI) for the development of infrastructure since May 2014.  


As a company and its employees we try to provide financial help to those who need it most. It is our great honour to cooperate with the foundation “Dobrý anděl”. Thanks to this cooperation we can make a contribution to families that got into straits because of sickness of their children. We would be glad if even you decided to support “Dobrý anděl”, thus gave your business yet another sense. 


We put emphasis on personal approach, above-standard care for our clients throughout the project period, and high quality of services provided. Confidentiality and information security are a matter of course. We are a holder of ISO certification in the sphere of quality management system (ISO 9001: 2009), information security management (ISO 27001: 2006), project quality management (ISO 10006: 2004), and environmental management (ISO 14001: 2005).