Complex administration of investment projects

1Processing of applications for subsidy

We will ensure everything necessary so that you can apply for a subsidy to support your investment project. We will propose the most suitable funding scheme, verify the compliance of your investment project with its conditions, and propose its modifications where necessary. We will draw up all necessary documentation for the application for subsidy and ensure meeting formal requirements.

The service includes:

  • Selection of a suitable subsidy programme from sources of the EU or the CR.
  • Analysing efficiency of a selected model of co-financing from the EU sources, including analysis of external and internal risks and project sustainability analysis.
  • Setting a project from the perspective of supported activities of the subsidy programme.
  • Drawing up the budget and identification of eligible expenses of the investment project, grant drawing plan, proposal of dividing a project into stages.  
  • Consultation of the plan with the subsidy provider.
  • Cooperation with other entities in the preparation of the project–designers, energy auditors, etc.
  • Filling in the form of the application for subsidy and obligatory annexes–feasibility study or business plan, financial and economic analysis of the project, analysis of risks, and other documents required by the subsidy programme (excl. expert annexes and legal documents).
  • Completing and meeting formal essentials of the application for subsidy.
  • Preparation for filing the application for subsidy within a deadline specified in the respective call.
  • Communication with the subsidy provider during the application evaluation.

2 Preparation of tenders

The tender is an obligatory part of the administration of the supported projects. We will select the appropriate method and form of tender, draw up all necessary documentation in accordance with the rules of the subsidy provider or according to the applicable legal regulations. We will ensure monitoring and optimisation of processes from opening tenders up to signing the contract with a winning bidder.

The service includes:

  • Preparation of texts of tender and qualification documentation (except for technical assignment and draft contract), filling in the form „Notification of tender announcement“.
  • Tender consultations and communication with the subsidy provider.
  • Preparation and ensuring opening of envelopes, including the preparation of protocols.
  • Administration of appointment of members and substitutes of the evaluation committee (or of other committees), organisational support for all meetings, preparation of all necessary documents for negotiations.
  • Preparation and ensuring opening of envelopes, including the preparation of protocols.
  • Assessment of bidders’ qualifications, including the preparation of protocols or filling in the form of the decision to exclude bidders.
  • Assessment and evaluation of bids, including the preparation of protocols or preparation of calls to supplement and clarify bids.
  • Administration related to closing tenders (protocols and reports on assessment and evaluation of bids, the form of the decision and notification of selecting the most suitable bid or the form of the decision to exclude bidders, including justification, or the form of the decision and notification of contracting authorities of tender cancellation, and further the respective form ofcontract awarding and drawing up written reports of contracting authorities).
  • Completion of all documentation of tenders and its handing over to the subsidy provider for control.

3 Project implementation

In addition to tenders, we will also ensure any other administration of your project. We will ensure fulfilment of all conditions of the subsidy programme during implementation and sustainability period. We will help you avoid sanctions from the subsidy provider.

The service includes:

  • Concluding contractual documents with subsidy providers, approval of measureable indicators of the project and the project budget.
  • Supervision over meeting all duties of grant beneficiaries.
  • Drawing up regular monitoring reports (at the time of implementation and sustainability period).
  • Preparation of applications for possible changes in the project.
  • Preparation of applications for payment (stage and final ones) or refunds of spent expenses.
  • Administrative conclusion of the project, completion of all documentation for archiving.
  • Preparation and participation in inspections of investment projects.