Energy projects

In cooperation with our affiliated company Green Energy Investment we provide consultancy in the sphere of energy projects, including renewable sources.

1Complex development of energy projects

The service includes:

  • Preparation and finalisation of technical solutions of energy projects.
  • Preparation and implementation of energy concepts.
  • Energy audits and feasibility studies.
  • Preparation and drawing up business plans.

2Engineering activity and technical supervision of the investor

The service includes:

  • Ensuring all documents necessary in the individual phases of capital construction from the preparation of construction through its implementation up to final inspection.
  • Professional supervision over the course of construction works and any other related services.

3Using of renewable energy sources

The service includes:

  • Complex development of energy projects based on renewable energy sources.
  • Analyses of European/national trends in the sphere of renewable energy sources.
  • Optimisation of technical proposals of renewable sources and their preparation for the investment project form.

4EPC method – energy services with guarantee.

¨The service includes:

  • Implementation of EPC turn key projects.
  • Preparation of tenders for EPCcontractor.

5Other services

The service includes:

  • Introducing energy management.
  • Energy market analysis and development of possible strategies.
  • Preparation of contracts with energy and fuel suppliers.
  • Tenders for energy suppliers.
  • Services related to introduction of local distribution systems.